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    Aramati Paz أنشأ منشوراً،

    Potion Mark not working

    Similar to Martin's problem from a year ago. https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115003227649-Pop-up-punctuation-symbols-not-working?input_string=Potion%20Mark%20not%20working Bu...

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    Aramati Paz قام بالتعليق،

    @Steve -Sekkerhund- Mueller Theres nothing troll here. You clicked + to open the keyboard bar. And is there where we are talking about the search box be occupying space. Toggle the bar is not a sol...

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    Aramati Paz قام بالتعليق،

    If you aren't going to make this optional why don't atleast alow us to move it? The bar is a mess since the bung search was added. The icons don't keep where I put they, as if an unnecessary large ...