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    In my language (Thai), 95% of the time don't add space after dot. This make me very frustrated. I have to use this because I don't know any other kb thay can add 3 languages that i use at the same time.

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    Dara Mizori

    How to disable auto space after each period?
    It's frustrating, when writing an email, website, or addresses i always have to delete the useless space.

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    Brady Osborne

    Wow this feature has been requested for 2 years without being implemented? I purchased SwiftKey years ago and although I love 99% of what it does, I hate having to backspace every time after typing a period. As a developer this is frustrating because I type domain names and file names ALL THE TIME.

    Is there any way to turn this off? Even if that means I loose some functionality?

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    Yu-no WhatsCrackin

    Funny seeing all these comments and remembering how frustrated I was too back then. I moved on months ago and tried Gboard by Google.. No issues at all, looks way better than Swiftkey. I'm contented and happy with it. Don't bother hoping Swiftkey will listen.

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    Thomas Motley

    This is absolutely the worst thing about SwiftKey and has led me to start using Gboard, which I also have issues with. (I was a Swype user.) Moderator talks about different typers having different styles. Well, there's an easy solution to that. Create different default options in settings. The spacing behavior is also full of bugs.

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    Ondřej Janošík

    I just got swiftkey with new phone by default. It didn't last a day because of freaking auto space "feature".

    It doesn't even work properly, in some applications I would end up with space before comma, instead of after.

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    Thomas Browne

    It's crazy that people have been complaining bout this for years and they've done nothing to implement the simple fix of adding an on/off toggle, for this feature. It's a shame cos otherwise I like the keyboard but I hate this feature so much I can't use it.

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    Martin Trautmann

    I'm afraid, there has been some kind of NONEIMPROVEMENT.

    I've been annoyed by the swift key blanks after I installed the app.

    Now we got two new phones with PREINSTALLED swift key.


    Their behavior: when'I do enter a word from the suggestions, it does add a blank, as usual. But when I do enter a comma after, then the next suggested word, then the sequence is word-blank-comma-word.

    So it's even WORSE now: blanks are inserted before the punctuation.


    It' swift key on android 8.0.0

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    Sandro Garofalo

    Please! Add a function to remove auto-space!!!

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    Michał Duszyński (GHOST)

    We are still waiting

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    José Villatoro

    Please, I like your keyboard but manually removing auto spaces is a waste of time... They really stick in there... Also, a question mark would be way more useful than a period as a direct key...

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    Mousa Alakesh

    Auto space should be removed by adding disable option.

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