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    Matt Farrington Smith

    Thanks for making the suggestion!

    We're always looking at ways we can improve the keyboard while keeping our eyes on our competitors. We'll take that request onboard.


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    Permanently deleted user

    I have seen a dedicated key for ". com". It was VERY helpful and I used it a lot. I think it was on a Samsung phone that I used to have. Either way, I have searched the play store for a keyboard that has it, but was unable to find it. I really miss it and wish you could consider adding it to SwiftKey.
    I believe a lot of users would find it invaluable. Thanks for listening. Good luck and God bless.
    Doug Woodard

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    Scott Rick

    We really need duckduckgo added as a search engine in the app,. I don't use Bing or Google unless absolutely necessary. Please add the option. 

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