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    Brandon O'Berry

    Sadly, there isn't an option to turn off this behavior. It is meant to assist users who've mistype a character or two. While this behavior works on most devices, you can simply click on the letter that you're wanting to correct a second time to move the cursor there instead of at the end. On some devices, you'll tap a second time to move the cursor to the end of the word.

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    Permanently deleted user

    I hate this function as well. If I select a location in a word to make a correction, I want the cursor to stay right there so I can delete and/or retype the characters, not jump to the end of the word automatically. Tapping the location in the word twice to get the cursor to stay where I want it is super annoying and very inefficient. It seems rather counterproductive when you're measurimg performance metrics. Anyway, there should be a way to disable the cursor jumping when making corrections to typed words.

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    Permanently Deleted User

    Yes. It doesn't get any easier. I find that often with functions that are not working to my advantage I develop a workaround. But that hasn't happened here. It continues to be a pain.

    I find that where I first touch the screen in highly accurate and so there is no need at all to move the cursor. However once the cursor has been moved to the end of the word automatically, I then press the screen again to override the auto placement. Almost always my finger is inaccurate the second time! It's the process of negative reinforcement maybe. Accurate placement is not rewarded. Then I need to use my arrow keys on my keyboard, or press the screen again. All in all, I've done multiple actions, when the first action was all that was needed.

    It definitely needs the option to turn off.

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    Daniel Moitz

    This is just about the only bad thing about SwiftKey, and it's really sad there is no setting for this.
    Sure, keep it active for standard users, but as this is something that's different from stock keyboards, it should be customizable for advanced users.

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    Valentin Brasov

    I have been for a long time a SwiftKey user and this has jumping of the cursor to the end of the world annoys me quite a bit, because very often I have to correct letters in words. Can we please have a option to turn it off?

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    Nadia Coenraad

    There is no reason to jump to the end of a word. If you click to change a word, you click on the spot you want to change it. If that is the end of the word, you can click exactly there! But 99% of the time, it is somewhere in the middle of the word that I need to change something. Not the end. So to keep a function that is more annoying to people than useful, is very weird to me. If there are people actually using the function, I would love to be directed to that website/page or for someone to give me some examples of devices where it is actually useful, so I can stop breaking my brain over this idiotic function. Frankly, it would be at least preferable to have a setting in which you can turn it on or off.

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    Cpl. Clegg

    I hate this annoying function so much.
    Makes me want to return my brand new phone...

    HELLO MICROSOFT?? How hard can it be to add the option to disable?
    Thanks for ruining my new phone experience

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    Kathy Farrey

    Just gonna add my vote to remove this feature. It is the most useless feature of Swiftkey. Most of the time I'm editing to add spaces that got removed when I copied text from somewhere. PLEASE just let us turn it off! I can't go back to the stock keyboard. I would miss the clipboard too much.

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