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    Brandon O'Berry

    The CTRL key is not available with SwiftKey.

    Most people only need to use Copy/Paste/Select, which is available at a system level on newer version of Android by pressing and holding on text boxes.

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    Edward JF

    but what about those apps where it doesn't work, this is a stupid problem I seem to have, but I use a password manager, it automatically generates and changes my passwords, I can copy easily enough but a lot of the places I try to paste no pop-up is available, I am forced to manually enter my password, this is annoying. 16 random characters at multiple sites every few months is time consuming. Any advice?

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    Permanently Deleted User

    I need the ctrl key for undo and redo, which are not available in menus, only from the keyboard. It works perfectly with bluetooth keyboards, so enabling that key on swiftkey would be a big improvement.

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    Davi Oliveira

    Just a Tip, for Ctrl you can use the "Volume Down" Button on your android smartphone, Alt is "Volume Up".

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    Bigler, Joseph Ellis

    I tried. Volume down + ; in an Excel 365 spreadsheet.  This should paste a static current date and time into the cell, but all I see is ;

    Any suggestions?


    Joe Bigler



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    Andrew J. Hutton

    Has this bug been fixed yet. Sitting in bash and accidentally hit dd vs df and now need to send ctrl-c to exit back to shell... And I cannot just disconnect to do it. This what 90 key imagination of a keyboard is really buggy. I can't find esc either.

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    Christopher Dobson

    Bumping. If you're not going to support Android's support for ctrl+z to undo, then put it in the context menu containing paste, copy, et al.

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    Ryan Jack

    For a problem thatthat has been complained aboutabout for 2 years, it's very disappointing that nothing yet been done about adding a"Ctrl" key functionality to the keyboardkeyboard.

    The "Official" reply above gives no indication of any interestinterest with this issue and passes the responsibilityresponsibility on to the hardware manufacturers, whosewhose keyboards, all containing CTRL keys or support of, you want us toto replace with SwiftKey.  Simple functions like cut, copy and paste are not always possible on the majority of text input fields. With those that dodo support it, youyou need to positron your cursor before holding down to paste, which inevitably results the cursor being moved from the target pasting point. The same applies to cut and paste movements or insertions in largelarge text bodies. With arrow keys you give us the ability to place the cursor accurately, then remove that accuracy as the screen must be touched and held to access anyany of the needed features a CTRL key adds toto the work flow. Being disabled thisthis affects me greatly, but it isis no different that if youyou were on a bus, train or being chauffered inin a car. Screens are already small enough with a single finger tip covering 5 to 6 keys on a modern phones keypad, further unnecessary forcing of inaccuracies by skipping out on an  important functional key is just plainplain . laziness

    Little failings like this are what defined a good appapp from a great one, a mediocremediocre one, or even a poorpoor one. (And what's with allall this double wording?) All the doubledouble wording andand grammatical errors here have  been introduced by the SwiftKey keyboard! I willwill  be returning to thethe stock Android, Google or Samsung,  keyboard, shame really s the prediction algorithms workwork incredibly well as does thethe spelling and contextcontext processing . 

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