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    As a temporary workaround, I've been using the following trick:

    Go into settings, into languages where you have list of all the languages you enabled.

    each can be disabled/enabled.

    what you do is disable all then enable in the order you want:

    second enabled language will be one swipe RIGHT from the first one you enabled.

    so if I enable 3 languages, i swipe right i get 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd etc.

    if you dont use swipe, the order might be different, but just try enabling english then japanese then korean, and if that doesn't give you the correct order try english then korean then japanese.

    one of those two should work.


    The annoying part is they have updates or some other problem that causes order to change now and then (like a layout gets updated, then it gets disabled/enabled same way we did here)...

    So I find myself having to reset every few days :(

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