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    Ryan P

    How Howard,

    Can you please provide some context, steps to reproduce. I have not seen any unwanted commas just randomly showing up for me. 

    Perhaps you are hitting the comma on accident instead of the space bar?

    What version of SK are you using?

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    Jed Dolbeer

    Found this thread. Willing to provide context and info for my experience.

    I get commas after an "a" constantly. It's only after the letter "a," however and nothing else.

    Currently on Samsung Galaxy S9.

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    Alex Gregory

    I have had the same issue for years. I could never find anyone else with my issue. It's almost always after the letter a. 

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    Ryan P

    Hi Alex. 

    If you want to provide a video of the issue and give your device info: make/model/OS and SK versions and languages used with SK - we can take a look. 

  • Xiaomi mi6, Android 8.0 (MIUI 10.2)
    Have the same issue. It's deadly annoying to remove this unwanted commas every time
    Commonly use Russian and commas are really vital in this language. So any extra comma changes the meaning of all the sentence (completely). It had led to some really confusing situations. I don't want to say "sorry it was auto comma" anymore :))
    Need help

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    Frederico Morais

    I have the same problem. Redmi note 7 in the Portuguese language many times a, comma appears after an "a". In English I still could not figure out the behaviour, but sometimes an extra comma appears. This already happened on my old redmi note 3. Very annoying.

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    Willem Strijbos

    Same problem here with Dutch language. Was never an issue in the previous years that I have used SK.
    Unwanted commas not just after an a but just randomly after a word, randomly in a sentence.
    I now see that I don't have this issue with the English language. But with Dutch language it's so annoying that I'm thinking about removing SK.

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    Jen Hulford

    US English, same problem. Short words all with commas after them start to abnormally populate the predictions. Even if you long press and remove it from predictions, the next moment, next time you use that word, they are back again. Mostly after "a," and "at," but it becomes an issue with all words. I keep having to clear my predictions log which kind of defeats the purpose of choosing Swift Key. I deleted SK for months used a different keyboard and I am trying again now. Same problem. I expected it to be fixed by now. The first complaint was 2 years ago.

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    Gil Carmon

    i have this issue too since i move to Xiaomi mi9.  this is annoying and i will soon uninstall Swiftkey after so many years. their support was far from helpful...

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