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    The currency key responds directly to the locale (phone’s selected location) that the phone is set to, regardless of the language model/layout in use. So if your phone thinks it’s in the UK, you’ll get a £; if it’s in the US, you should get a $ (and Yen in Japan, Euro in France and so on).
    It could be that your device locale or phone is not registering that you are in India.

    To change currency:

    1. Go into your phone's device settings
    2. Tap 'Language & Input'/'Locale'
    3. Ensure that your chosen language is correct for your locale/the currency you wish to display 
    4. When you next use Microsoft SwiftKey, your currency key should have changed
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    pratik pai

    Hey Alpert, i was swift in my poco f1, then rupee was available direclty on pressing the 123 button..

    I recently switched to samsung and installed the swift keyboard, i need to press and hold the currency key.. By default it shows pound sign. Please note I have English India language installed. Tried Hindi as well.. But same result.. Rupee sign is not shown by default in 123 button

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