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    Permanently deleted user

    I sent the following email/request to Support at SwiftKey:

    Jan 21, 7:28 PM PST

    Is there a way to stop the automatic space after a period?
    Most of the time I do not want a space following the period. Perhaps an option in the settings area would help.



    The following was support's reply:

    Your request (150949) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.


    Yuka (SwiftKey)

    Jan 22, 4:16 AM PST

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting SwiftKey support!

    At this time SwiftKey Keyboard does not support this feature.
    We really appreciate your feedback and will certainly pass it along to our team.

    Thanks for using SwiftKey! 



    Support Escalation Engineer


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    Ryan Martin

    Smart keyboard pro seem to be the best replace it actually allows you to HIDE PERIOD. Only the QUESTION MARK SiGN is not as reachable like swiftkeys

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    Apple J. Kiss

    This also drives me nuts. Ip address and filenames are so inefficient to enter with the auto space after period. I love swiftkey, but i have to switch keyboards for anything other than messaging. Please add an option to dissable this feature

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    Permanently deleted user

    In some ways I wish Google had bought SwiftKey not Microsoft since Microsoft doesn't seem to be listening to any of our requests. Both Gboard and SwiftKey have complimentary issues and annoyances. This issue and a couple of other things drive me crazy with SwiftKey. Switching to Gboard for a few things brings up other issues that I don't like about it and brings me back to SwiftKey.

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    Rene Meeuwisse

    This still doesn't work! The setting 'Auto capitalize' should be for just this ussue, but switching it off doesn't help. VERY annoying!!!

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    Jackson Wong

    yes can we please fix this? who decided we should let users customize PARTS of the "auto space" feature but force a small and particular aspect of it on their users?

    it's.... almost offensive? you're clearly aware that users would like to customize how they want spacing to work, clearly aware that some users do not want spacing to be automated, and yet despite all that, you decide to go ahead and auto space after punctuation, and after now what seems to be 2 years you've still done nothing?

    I was about to make the switch from swype (yes, I'd rather use an un-supported app than this) but now I think I'll look elsewhere or just switch back.

    this is almost ridiculously disrespectful to your users(2 years!??! really??!!), read the forums, understand your users, this is a simple fix I presume?

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    Brano P.

    I don't understand this. Maybe most people don't even know what an IP address is or don't type any URIs otherwise they would go nuts. Let's try to bring here more of our friends and their friends, maybe someone actually notices. Being a SW developer myself, I think this is a matter of just few lines of code and we're done and happy.

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    Marcin Wilk

    I want that too. Really, how someone could even imagine, that forcing adding space after period is good idea. It's nightmare.

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    Wesley Jones

    I thought I'd do a quick search to figure out how to turn this off since I couldn't figure it out.  It's incredible that this is not an option.  Does anyone have suggestions for other keyboards to use?  This one is now uninstalled.

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    Filip Stratil

    i bought the full version and I'm really sick of it.. Could you please put an option to switch it of or i should uninstall my favourite keyboard, stop support you and just find some betrer option? A lot of my friends asking me the same after i recommended them swiftkey. its really annoying. thank you.

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