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    I also have this problem, except I have three languages enabled on the same keyboard (English (UK), Welsh, Spanish), so it's even worse.  Very often I'll be typing something in one language and it'll start suggesting words in one of the other two, especially if I'm using Flow (which I am 99% of the time).  Longer words are also more prone to this problem.

    Suggestion for the SwiftKey devs: once a user has started typing in one language, assign a *much* lower weight to predictions from other languages until the end of the sentence.  It is incredibly rare that I want to switch languages mid-sentence, and I imagine most other multilingual users are in the same boat.  Obviously there are some words that are ambiguous (e.g. 'a' is a valid word in English, Welsh, and Spanish), but once you're a few words in it should be fairly easy to work out which language the user is typing.

    Here's a quick example steps to reproduce, although this might be a bit of a finnicky one due to different people's typing quirks.

    1). Install English and Welsh on the same keyboard

    2). Open a text editor.

    3). Attempt to flow "What is happening"

    Result (at least for me): SwiftKey suggests "What is hariennir"

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