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    I invite you to read this post and following the instructions to submit the request.



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    Vladimir Zirin

    Hello Apert.

    See the request https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/requests/201395?page=1 


    Please add a night mode, which basically changes themes based on manual scheduling or on local sun time (sun rise, sun set). We should be able to select a desired theme for the day mode/time and one for the night mode/time. As example see chat apps like Telegram or other keyboard apps like Chrooma. Various apps offer different changes between the day and time mode. For me personally changing the theme would be sufficient. Next steps could be even changing more settings like typing vibration&sounds and so on.

    Below the screenshots:

    Day mode/time:

    • Telegram theme is "light blue"
    • SwiftKey theme is "white"
    • Navigation bar is "white" as either defined by SwiftKey or set-up by the phone manufacturer (e.g. Oneplus tries to gues which color to use for the nav bar).

    Night mode/time (how it is now):

    • Telegram theme is "dark blue" (based on time scheduling 21:00 to 07:00 in the app)
    • SwiftKey theme is still "white"
    • Navigation bar is still "white"

    Night mode/time (how it should be):

    SW and phone details

    For this request, either the Android version nor the Swiftkey version, nor the phone model type matters, I geuess, but nevetheless my details:

    Oneplus 5T, Android 9, SwiftKey version



    Not sure how to make a feature request a better way. I looked into the pre-defined categories, didn't find a proper topic and looked in the search for what I was looking for. Found this thread and this one: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/de/community/posts/360018330263-Suggestion-Scheduled-Night-Time

    As nowadays many apps support scheduling to a "night mode", having all the time the same theme on the Swiftkey doesn't match the overall phone experience. In the evening a dark theme is more comfortable to use, while during the day, especially on sunny days, the dark theme is too dark to clearly see the symbols on it.

    Afaik Google let the App devs to decide to implement a night mode and how to do it. Seems like there won't be a global time mode anytime soon.

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    Thanks for your detailed explain.

    I have no access to the ticket. I'll leave the work to SwiftKey Team.

    But here's an on-going thread: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/de/community/posts/360037882112-White-Navigation-Bar-with-Dark-Theme

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    Vladimir Zirin

    Oh, ok. And you are then doing what? :)

    I already pointed to this ongoing thread in the "Night mode/time (how it should be)" part of my long post ;)

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    Amin Bataineh

    Any updates on this? I'm on Galaxy S10 running Android 9 using Textra for SMS, would appreciate seeing this implemented

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    Amin Bataineh

    Has this been passed on or is it not being worked on? Seems like an easy feature addition. Thanks

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