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    Mattijs Eggermont

    I'm facing the same issue like Michael.
    Using the old-school emoji's has become harder with some updates in the recent months.

    Previously those emoji's were stored in the recent, but now they aren't.
    On top of that, the keyboard doesn't remember that I uses emoji's from the last category so it doesn't show them to me by default
    I have to swipe over to the last one to get the collection of old school emojis.

    A solution/bugfix would be awesome!

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    David Rees

    As a long time Swiftkey user I find it immensely frustrating that It has become increasingly hard to use the old fashioned :-) style emoticons rather than the rather irritating emoji.

    The most frustrating thing is its functionality that already existed why take it away?

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    varun gupta

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