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    Matt Farrington Smith

    Hi all,

    This is still an ongoing issue that the team is busily working on. The good news is we have an internal test version that will allow you to resize the keyboard just how you want it. As soon as we're done with bug-testing we will release to the public.

    Hopefully the wait shouldn't be too long now.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards,

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    Cristopher Marín

    The same happens to me in Moto G6 Plus. It has just been updated to Android 9 and the keyboard looks giant, even if you try to resize it still occupies more than half of the screen.

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    Felipe Indrusiak

    Same with the MOTO X4. The keyboard are giant now... I'm using Google board until this problem are solved

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    Grzegorz Ignatowicz

    Moto X4 just installed first security update (January 2019) on Android Pie

    Keyboard is really stretched vertically (the smallest size is a bit taller than normal should be.

    system build PPWS29.69-26-4



    Switkey didn't fix it

    edit2: didn't do it either

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    Felipe Indrusiak

    It's been over a week, is anyone working on it?

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    They've already fixed it on mine

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    Cristopher Marín

    How did you fix the keyboard?

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    Rodrigo Zaratin

    Same problem here. Moto G6 Plus.

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