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    Matt Farrington Smith


    I can confirm that this is a bug and we are aware of it. A forthcoming patch/update will put this right again. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime guys!


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    Ramizes Obias

    Same here. Looks like lowercase letters have been vertically center-aligned. very obvious on letters q, y, p and g. Hope this gets fixed soon. Keyboard isn't broken. It's just an eyesore.

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    Jake Mears

    +1, noticed it today. Seems like it only effects lower-case characters on keyboards without symbols. All the others with symbols are aligned normally.

    Hoping this link works, screenshots of the mis-alignment



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    Cole McDonell

    Ran into the same issue. Just commenting in the hopes that more attention is drawn to the issue. Lowercase letters with ascenders and descenders are misaligned, making the keyboard appear jumbled. Letters should be aligned to baseline.

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    Jake Goodman

    Same as above. Someone set the characters to center by height, rather than align to the baseline.


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    Anya Prior

    Also commenting to raise awareness, it's been on my nerves for a while.


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    C A

    I have the same problem. Very annoying. Hope the see it and change it back quickly.

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    Oh Yeah Yeah

    Logged in just to comment in hopes this will get fixed soon. Started out yesterday and I thought it's due to switching between korean and english keyboard too often. Already reinstalled the keyboard, updated my everything but nothing seems to work out
    A fix would be great

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    Same issue here. I hope it will fix very soon.

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    Denis Andrew Diver II

    Same here..
    I thought I was high for moment, so glad others are having the same issue..

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    Guampi Man

    Same issue here, it happened with the latest update.

    Please fix it soon, I cringe every time I look at my keyboard...

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    Junaid Nasir

    Try finding the underscore key. I spent 10secs looking for it.

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    Shannon Gerdel


    Is the bug that you refer to the reason that the question mark key, and the exclamation key are switched?

    I keep hitting the question mark key when it should be the exclamation key.

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