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    Ray Hood

    I think this is an absolutely essential feature. Please Developers, give us an option to manually select the Google voice recognition language because the automatic selection does not work properly half of the time, in my case. Thank you.

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    A related post, but on the typing side of things.

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    Douglas Fox

    Yes!  This is a must.  The multiple languages function is a huge failure on google's part.  Voice recog doesn't use the right language half the time?  That's about right but it also doesn't use the right language ALL the time if you start your sentence with the wrong word.  God forbid I start a sentence with nein or ja.  Everything goes to hell after that point and there's no workaround.  We need to just be able to toggle the language before starting the mic, or even While starting the mic.  Personally if I built the thing, there would be up to 4 start input buttons, one for each favorite language.  Color coded so you don't have to read them.

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