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    Matt Farrington Smith

    Hey NeoBeum,

    Please don't direct condescending comments at members of this forum. That attitude is not welcome here.

    While Alpert could've provided a more accurate answer, you are actually wrong yourself.

    So a little while back the tech press talked about ‘SwiftKey Keyboard finally arrives on Windows 10 devices’ – this was inaccurate.

    They don’t mean SwiftKey (the app) as we know it, they should have said that Windows has taken some of SwiftKey’s language models for regions where Windows didn’t have great support. (But that doesn’t make for a great headline). So in those cases it wasn’t technically using SwiftKey but some of the typing intelligence that we use in our Android/iOS SwiftKey keyboard.


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    - Another interesting experiment that shows this annoying behaviour is enabling or disabling "Period after Double Space"

    Now, while you are typing, when you see a space automatically added, press 'space' once... and viola... your space disappears.


    EDIT: I'd like to mention that I had paid for SwiftKey before it became free. That's how long I mean by - "It's been an issue for years" - I still had a Samsung Galaxy xCover and xCover2 when I started with SwiftKey. Google the age on that.

    If the Software Engineer job is still open in the UK - give it to me - and I will work on the algorithm for you.

    You can temp me for 3 months as a trial.

  • I effing hate this "feature", it screws up so many of my words that I am about to judy uninstall this app. Especially, hearing about them deleting your comment... Well I guess I will hit them with another one for the intern to delete. Asshats.

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    Give it a vote up - and we'll see how many people can confirm that this behavior is annoying..

    I'm going to start taking videos in Android and in Windows 10 to show how ridiculous it is, especially when I use the apps that are owned by Microsoft with the SwiftKey keyboard.


    It's all probably handled by the same team that was incharge of Windows UI... who couldn't parse the Start Menu XAML correctly.


    EDIT: It's exclusively Android.

    The Windows SwiftKey has a different behavior set of rules



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    SwiftKey does not exist on Windows. 

    It's not the same app.

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    If you are a SwiftKey employee, you need product education.


    It's not the same app, but it does exist on Windows.


    If you ARE an employee... I can see why the Android AI is not very smart. I suppose you're going to tell me to run "SFC /SCANNOW" too?



    Just incase you can't read...

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