How to set up SwiftKey Symbols

SwiftKey Symbols is currently available for Android only. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Support for the following languages is built in:

Arabic (SA) 
Chinese (CN, TW) 
English (UK, US) 
French (FR) 
Portuguese (BR) 
Spanish (ES)

Once installation is complete you'll be presented with two app icons:

  • SKSymbols - the main app

    Set up SwiftKey Symbols

  • SKS: Admin - admin mode 

    SwiftKey Symbols Admin App

Both apps default to landscape view. Portrait is not supported.

SKS: Admin allows a user to add new categories and individual symbols, rearrange categories and change the colour of the main app.

If you see a message "voice engine not enabled", please refer to the walkthrough found after this link.

To exit SwiftKey Symbols, swipe up from your Android navigation bar. The navigation bar is hidden while the app is running.

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