How to construct a sentence in SwiftKey Symbols

You will construct your sentence in the sentence strip, shown highlighted below. Symbols can be added manually, or alternatively the app will predict the symbol you’re most likely to want next. 


Tap into a category.

Select a symbol to add to your sentence strip. If you make a mistake tap the 'Backspace' icon to remove your symbol.


The 'Return' key will take you back to the main categories view.


Repeat the above steps to complete your sentence OR select from predicted symbols that appear underneath the sentence strip.


Your completed sentence will appear in the sentence strip. If you want SwiftKey Symbols to read it aloud, just press the 'Play' button.


Note: SwiftKey Symbols also factors the time of day and day of the week so symbol predictions are as accurate and personalized as possible . For example, if the child has music class on Tuesdays at 11:00am, and has previously selected  symbols during that time, these will appear as predicted symbols

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