How to add and search for GIFs in SwiftKey for Android

  1. How to access GIFs using SwiftKey
  2. Adding a GIF to your conversation
  3. Searching for GIFs
  4. Common GIF issues

If you love GIFs as much as we do, you'll be pleased to learn that from SwiftKey 6.6.6 we've made it possible to search, discover and share your favorite GIFs directly from your SwiftKey Keyboard.

1 - How to access GIFs

GIFS can be found by opening your Emoji panel.

To do this, either:


  • Long-press on your return/enter key

2 - How to add GIFs to your conversation

Adding and selecting a GIF works in exactly the same way as Emoji.

GIFs are housed in a number of different categories - these can be scrolled left and right.

Just tap on your GIF of choice to insert it into your message.

If you're struggling to find that perfect GIF, you might want to take advantage of the search tool.

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon
  2. Type into the search bar
  3. SwiftKey will return your GIF search results

Data usage

As with any rich media, if you're concerned about the effect GIFs might have on your data allowance we'd recommend switching to WiFi while browsing and sending GIFs.

GIF exceeds maximum allowable file size

At this moment in time there are a few limitations when adding GIFs. For instance it's not possible to attach them to a text message on some devices. 

This happens because they exceed the maximum allowable file size, so we encourage users to download and use an alternative to their stock messaging app. A popular recommendation is Google's Android Messages app.

You'll find that GIFs are fully supported elsewhere such as in WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc.

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