Does SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS provide typo and spelling correction?

Yes, the SwiftKey Keyboard is very good at at correcting common typos or spelling mistakes. The app corrects around 95% of commonly misspelled words and predicts words even if key characters have been omitted, added erroneously or misspelled.

The framework of the prediction engine allows for multilingual spelling and mistyping correction. SwiftKey does not rely on predefined rules or lists of common mistakes, but uses context-sensitive machine learning to infer likely mistakes from a real time analysis of the user’s entry.

So just go ahead and type away! If SwiftKey is not getting the word right, you can press backspace to get back to seeing your verbatim prediction as an option. By simply tapping the word in the candidate bar, you will teach SwiftKey this word.


For further help, please watch the videos below: 



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