How to change themes and designs

The SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS offers a range of themes to suit your individual tastes and styles.

These include:

Photo Themes

Turn your favourite photo into your keyboard background in order to truly personalise your typing experience.

To see how click here

Nickel X Theme

Nickel X was designed with the iPhone X in mind but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying this cool adaptive light/dark theme if you use another iOS device.

Preview the effect in the SwiftKey app by toggling the icon shown below. This doesn't set anything it's just to show you how it will work.


Please note: some apps may not support this theme and the transparency feature - this is normal.

Animated Themes

SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS also offers a collection of Animated Themes.

Choose from the Cogs and Zig Zag collections, plus Snowy Sky, Shooting Stars and Bubble Gum.

How to change Themes in SwiftKey

To access these themes please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Toolbar by tapping the '+' icon
  2. Press the 'Themes' button
  3. Scroll through the designs available




  1. Open the SwiftKey app
  2. Tap ‘Themes’
  3. Tap on a theme to preview a design and make a selection

ios-new-themes.jpg IMG_0123.PNG IMG_0125.PNG

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