How do I correct words?

SwiftKey will help you correct words as you type. The three candidate word predictions will appear right above the Keyboard when using the SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone and iPad. 

  1. Open up the desired app and make sure you have SwiftKey enabled
  2. Start typing as you normally would within the app
  3. Correct the words by tapping the spacebar after the text is entered or tap the word in the prediction zone above the keyboard.

To ensure you are using the SwiftKey Keyboard, make sure that you can see the SwiftKey logo on the space bar.

You will notice that SwiftKey also offers a verbatim candidate, which is exactly what you typed. You can teach SwiftKey a new word by tapping that word in the candidate bar. This is a better version of adding a word to a dictionary as SwiftKey also learns that word's context for you personally.


For further help, please see this instructional video:


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