Why does SwiftKey Keyboard sometimes disappear on iOS apps?

There are a number of different reasons why SwiftKey might sometimes disappear or not be selectable in your list of keyboards. We'll guide you through the main reasons below. 

    1. SwiftKey Keyboard keeps disappearing
    2. 'Null' keyboard error
    3. Using SwiftKey with Mobile Device Management apps

1 - Your SwiftKey Keyboard keeps disappearing

Sometimes you might find your keyboard disappears while typing, or just doesn't show up at all. This is due to a bug in the platform, causing some apps to “think” that SwiftKey is not an option as a keyboard, and will only allow the standard iOS keyboards as options.

To fix these issues, you must manually close the affected app.

To do this:

  1. Double tap the home button on your device
  2. Swipe upwards on the app's thumbnail to flick it off the screen
  3. Re-open the affected app


2 - 'Null' keyboard error message

If you tap the 'Globe' button and see 'Null' next to SwiftKey, this indicates your SwiftKey Keyboard has been disabled.

Restarting your device should enable SwiftKey once again.

3 - Using SwiftKey with Mobile Device Management apps

Devices with corporate device management apps (MDMs, IT management apps) like MaaS360, AirWatch, Meraki, MobileIron, etc. cause certain native iOS apps to not function with SwiftKey Keyboard. Apps which are usually impacted include Messages, Mail, Notes and Safari.

Unfortunately in such cases there is nothing we can do, as by design, MDMs disable third-party keyboards. In these instances we'd recommend taking the issue up with your IT department.

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