Can I use SwiftKey Keyboard on Android without the cloud-based services (or just some of them)?

Yes - the SwiftKey Account is an opt-in service, giving you complete control.

When installing SwiftKey Keyboard, you can choose to not create a SwiftKey Account, or you can delete your existing account directly from the SwiftKey Settings. Likewise, from within the settings you can activate or deactivate Backup & Sync, and/or Personalization. 

Please note that the SwiftKey Store is only accessible with a SwiftKey Account. This is so we can identify your previously purchased/downloaded content, provide support and also enable you to sync your content across devices. If you turn off Backup & Sync and all Personalization streams, you can still access the SwiftKey Store without sending any data to the cloud.

Of course, we’ve worked hard designing the SwiftKey Account to improve upon the SwiftKey experience you know and love. We recommend taking advantage of all aspects of the SwiftKey Account experience.

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