My SwiftKey Keyboard predictions have disappeared!

If you've recently changed to a new device, your 'SwiftKey Stats' will be empty. These don't transfer across devices, and could cause you to wrongly assume your predictions have disappeared. 

There are a number of legitimate reasons why you might not see your predictions:


Make sure that you are using SwiftKey Keyboard as your default keyboard. To check this:

  1. Go to your device 'Settings'
  2. Look under ‘Language & input’
  3. Make sure that SwiftKey Keyboard is enabled

If SwiftKey Keyboard is not listed, you will need to find it in your list of apps, select it, and complete the installation process.


  1. Go to any text input field
  2. Press the keyboard icon in your notification bar - choose 'SwiftKey Keyboard'.

SwiftKey Keyboard deliberately does not offer predictions in some text fields: i.e. password fields and the 'to' field of emails. The app also does not offer predictions in other apps with code that clashes with SwiftKey Keyboard’s predictions.


  1. Open SwiftKey
  2. Tap 'Account', then 'Backup & Sync'
  3. Check that 'Backup & Sync' is enabled, and it has recently synced (within last few hours). If it hasn't, toggle the button to force a sync.


If you're still having trouble, follow the below steps:

  1. Open SwiftKey
  2. Tap 'Account'. At the bottom select 'Log out'
  3. Go to your device's 'Apps' menu, select 'SwiftKey Keyboard'
  4. Tap 'Storage' then 'Clear Data'. Restart your phone
  5. Uninstall the SwiftKey app
  6. Download SwiftKey from the Google Play Store and complete the installation process
  7. Log into your SwiftKey account to restore your predictions

Start typing an email address (or other such saved text) to confirm your predictions have been restored.


Additionally, if your language pack download has failed, then you will not see any predictions. Please ensure that you are using a strong WiFi connection and have plenty of space on your device, and then try downloading again.

If your device’s SD card is mounted (connected to PC using USB cable), then you will also not see any predictions, as the language models are stored on the SD card.

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