What exactly is "Personalization"?

Personalization allows you to “teach” SwiftKey Keyboard more about your personal dictionary and style by learning from your social accounts. Personalize with one simple click from your Gmail, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and SMS accounts/archives.

Personalizing improves SwiftKey Keyboard's accuracy as the app understands the words and phrases that matter most to you.

Please note that personalizing from one of these accounts learns data from what you have done in the past. It will not continue learning from this point further. If you want to update your language model since the time of last personalization, you will need to tap the account again and re-personalize.

We take our users’ privacy very seriously and ensure your data is protected and safely stored. The SwiftKey Account is an opt-in, secure, encrypted service and gives you full control over your data. Our robust privacy policy explains and protects your rights and privacy. You can also read more about our approach to data security on our Data Security Statement.

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