SwiftKey: Privacy Questions and your Data

  1. SwiftKey and your data
  2. How to remove your remote data
  3. How to delete your local language model
  4. How to logout of your SwiftKey Account
  5. How to remove your SwiftKey Account
  6. How to unsubscribe from SwiftKey product emails
  7. How to turn off notifications for SwiftKey

1 - SwiftKey and your data

First, please note that unless you have opted in to use a SwiftKey Account on your Android device, all personal and language data generated by SwiftKey is stored locally on your device and is never transferred.

If you sign up for a SwiftKey Account, some data may shared with SwiftKey in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Data is only shared through the cloud to provide various specific services. For example, if you have personalized your language model through a social account like Facebook, or if you have Backup & Sync enabled, our servers will process this data.

What about credit card numbers and passwords?

SwiftKey does not learn anything from fields marked as password fields, nor does it remember long numbers such as credit card numbers.

The warning message from Google that says SwiftKey may be able to collect ‘all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers’ (pictured below) is a part of the Android operating system that appears when any third party keyboard is enabled.


SwiftKey is predicting my password - how do I stop it doing this?

SwiftKey is designed never to learn from or predict what you enter in a specified password text field. It is up to the website or application you are logging into to build that specification into the field.

However, there are some situations out of our control where your password might be remembered by the prediction engine. The usual culprits are:

  1. You previously sent an SMS message containing your password
  2. A typed password in an email
  3. In some cases, websites or apps do not correctly inform SwiftKey that a particular field was a password field
  4. If you use the 'show password' option on an app or website, that text field will no longer be identified as a password field

If you find your password is being predicted, you can easily remove the word from SwiftKey’s dynamic language model by longpressing on the word in the prediction bar when it is shown and tapping ‘Remove’.

2 - How do I remove my remote data?

You can be signed up for a SwiftKey Account to access your Themes, but disable other cloud services that may involve sharing potentially personal data with our servers. To do this follow these steps:

  • Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  • Tap ‘Account’
  • Next tap ‘Backup & Sync’
  • Uncheck the box ‘Backup & Sync’ to disable this feature
  • From the ‘Account menu tap ‘Delete your remote data’ (this will remove any data or authentication for personalization sources that are already associated with your account)
  • Tap ‘Delete’ to confirm

Container_account.png Account_remote_data.png Account_remote_data_2.png

Now, no potentially personal data will be sent to SwiftKey through Backup & Sync or Personalization services.

3 - How do I delete my local language model stored on my device?

  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap the three dots in top right hand corner (or the menu button on your device)
  3. Tap 'Clear typing data'
  4. Choose 'Continue'
Device_Data_Delete_1.png Device_Data_Delete_2.png Device_Data_Delete_3.png 

4 - How do I log out of my SwiftKey Account?

If you don't want any future data to be learned, then you will need to log out of your SwiftKey Account which you can do so by following the below steps:

  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap 'Account'
  3. Tap ‘Log out of SwiftKey Account’ 

5 - How do I remove my SwiftKey Account?

To completely remove your SwiftKey Account, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap ‘Account’
  3. In the bottom section tap ‘Delete SwiftKey Account’
  4. Tap the ‘Delete’ option in the dialog box
Please note that this will erase all your personalized word predictions and make it impossible to reach any of your previously purchased content. By law we must retain a record of your transactions and purchases, but these purchases will no longer be associated with your account.
Deleting your SwiftKey Account and data will not affect your dynamic language model stored on your device. 

6 - How do I unsubscribe from SwiftKey product emails?

To unsubscribe, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go into SwiftKey Settings
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner and then tap 'About.'
  3. Uncheck 'Service Updates'

Additionally, you can also unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the email you receive after installing SwiftKey.

7 - How do I turn off notifications for SwiftKey?

There are occasionally notifications for tips (how to get the most out of SwiftKey) and achievements (how many keystrokes SwiftKey has saved you).

You can turn these off by following the steps below:

  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap the menu button (three dots) in the top right hand corner
  3. Tap 'About'
  4. Uncheck 'Notifications'
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