How do you ensure privacy when accessing my accounts?

We would not be where we are today without your trust and ensuring that your privacy is a key part of that.

We ensure this through a series of policies and procedures that are designed to keep any of your data that we may process safe, transfer it back to you securely, and ultimately give you peace of mind.
We abide by incredibly strict data security policies. All of these accord with European user data laws (which are stricter than those in the U.S.). Specifically, any data transmitted to our servers is done through fully encrypted AES-256 channels, the safest method available today, and stored on Amazon’s industry-leading S3 servers with the absolute highest levels of security. Language data, which is only stored in short strings of words, and only sent to our servers if you opt in to various additional services, is kept on completely separate servers from any personally identifying information. Read more at our Data Security Statement


In order to deliver the benefits of the SwiftKey Account, certain personal data may be shared with our servers. For example, this allows your personal language profile and purchased theme records to be synced across devices. This is an opt-in service, and any user profile may be deleted at any time.

You can learn more by reading our privacy policy.

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