How do I install SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

Congratulations! You've downloaded SwiftKey from the Google Play Store.

Now what?

On first-run you'll be greeted with the SwiftKey onboarding experience. This will take you through the following three steps. 

1. Enable SwiftKey

Tap the green 'Enable SwiftKey' button. 

Your devices' Physical Keyboard screen will appear - tap the toggle next to 'SwiftKey Keyboard' to enable it.

Note: SwiftKey does not collect sensitive data. Any data we do collect is covered by our Privacy Policy.

Press the 'Back' button on your device to return to the setup process.

Screenshot_20170531-123253.jpg  available-virtual-keyboards.jpg

2. Select SwiftKey

Tap the green 'Select SwiftKey' button.

Your devices' keyboard selection menu will appear - tap to select 'SwiftKey Keyboard'.


3. Get better predictions

Tap the green 'Get better predictions' button.

Over the next four screens we'll explain how Personalization works in SwiftKey - swipe to advance and discover how to: get better predictions, customise your look with themes, and protect your words with backup and sync.

To take advantage of these Personalization features you're required to create a SwiftKey Account. But don't worry, this is as easy as one click! Just tap the 'Sign-in with Google' button.

If you don’t wish to create an account at this stage, just choose ‘Not now’. You can always sign up later in the following way:

  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap 'Account'
  3. Follow the sign up process 


4. Customising your keyboard

When you're done we'll take you to your new keyboard and suggest some areas which will allow you to further customise your SwiftKey experience.


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