What is SwiftKey Flow and how do I enable it with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?


  1. How to set up SwiftKey Flow 
  2. Using SwiftKey Flow 
  3. Why isn't SwiftKey Flow working? 

SwiftKey Flow allows you to write by gliding your finger on the keyboard. This is also referred to as "swiping."

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1 - How to set up SwiftKey Flow

You can disable/enable Flow with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android by following the below steps:

  1. Open your SwiftKey app
  2. Tap 'Typing'
  3. Select 'Typing & Autocorrect'
  4. Tap into 'Gesture input'
  5. Check/uncheck Flow


Show predictions after Flow

With Flow enabled you have the option to toggle between two different behaviors. 

By default SwiftKey will show you a set of corrections after Flowing a word, or you can choose to display a set of next word predictions. Both options insert the appropriate spacing after. 


When the toggle is set to 'Off':

  • Select one of three corrections. This will insert the word followed by a space.

When the toggle is set to 'On':

  • Inserts the middle prediction, shows next word predictions and auto adds a space for you.

2 - Using SwiftKey Flow

When you want to flow double letters (i.e. 'tt' in 'letters'), just hold your finger over the letter you want to type twice a little bit longer than normal.

If you wish to retroactively correct a word you've just flowed, just tap the backspace key and you'll see three different word predictions in the prediction bar.

You can switch seamlessly between flowing and tapping the keys at any time - there’s no need to switch input modes.

SwiftKey Flow also allows you to Flow through space. You can glide your finger over a word, move down to the spacebar, and flow the next word, all without lifting a finger.  

3 - Why isn't SwiftKey Flow working?

  • If your SwiftKey keyboard is set to use Gestures then you won't be able to Flow. We offer you the choice between one or the other.

  • Enabling Android's Explore By Touch Accessibility feature will deactivate SwiftKey Flow.

  • Flowing is not available in text fields where SwiftKey does not offer predictions, for example password fields or the “to” field of an email, or in some apps with code that clashes with SwiftKey’s predictions.

If you continue to have problems or your issue isn't listed, please submit a support ticket.

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