How does a SwiftKey Account work with a new phone or device?

The SwiftKey Account works to seamlessly sync your personal language model as well as all purchases/downloads from the SwiftKey Store. All you need to do is sign into your SwiftKey Account using the same Google Account.

  1. If you created a SwiftKey Account and had your language synced on your old device(s), you can sign back into your Account on your new device with the same email address and all of your learned data will be synced to the new device. You can also choose to not sign into your Account and in this case, there would be no impact.
  2. If on your old device(s) you did not create a SwiftKey Account, then syncing on your new device will have no impact as there would be nothing to sync.

We highly recommend creating a SwiftKey Account for its multiple benefits, which include personalization, better predictions, SwiftKey Store access, backup & sync and more.

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