How do I use Voice to Text with SwiftKey on Android?

Voice recognition is turned on by default. SwiftKey utilizes Google Voice technology to power this feature. 

To access Voice to Text (also known as Voice Recognition/Text to speech/Voice Input) please follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the SwiftKey Keyboard in desired app
  2. Long press the comma/microphone button to the left of the spacebar and speak the desired words in the phone

If you'd like to turn this off please follow the below steps.

  1. Open SwiftKey in the list of apps
  2. Tap 'Typing'
  3. Tap 'Voice & Other Input'
  4. Uncheck 'Voice input' 

  Typing_Voice.png  voice-input-key.jpg

My Voice to Text doesn't work!

Google recently integrated its 'Google Voice' app into the main 'Google' app.

If you find yourself unable to initialise voice dictation, please visit the Google Play Store and download (or update) the Google app.

Adjust your Google Voice settings 

Within the Google app you'll discover numerous options that allow you to fine-tune your Google Voice experience.

For example:

  • You can specify which languages you'd like to use with voice recognition.
  • Voice recognition primarily requires an internet connection, but it's possible to download languages for offline recognition.
  • Offensive words are blocked by default.

To access these settings:

  1. Open the Google app
  2. Tap the 'hamburger' menu (indicated by three lines)
  3. Tap 'Settings'
  4. Select 'Voice'

google-app.jpg  google-app-settings.jpg  google-main-menu.jpg  google-voice-settings.jpg

Note: Unfortunately the accuracy of words that display is entirely a function outside of the standard SwiftKey app predictions. 

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