What is the heatmap on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

The heatmap provides a visual representation of how accurately you type. Each “blob” on the heatmap represents a key on the keyboard. When you begin using SwiftKey, each blob is a perfect circle, representing average accuracy. As you use SwiftKey these blobs are morphed to fit the region that you tend to press when you want to use that key, thereby representing the unique way in which you use the SwiftKey Keyboard.

This visualization also lets you see your own accuracy and shows the area SwiftKey associates most strongly with each letter. As you type, this is combined with other statistical data to provide the best estimate of what you intended to say. 

To locate and share your heatmap, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open SwiftKey Settings
  2. Scroll down to see your stats
  3. Tap 'Typing Heatmap' 


Please note that your heatmap may take a little while to load. Once loaded it should look something like the image above. You can share your heatmap by pressing the share button highlighted. 

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