Other troubleshooting for SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

Are you experiencing issues with your SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

Please make sure you are running the latest version of SwiftKey (we are currently at SwiftKey 6) To check this, tap SwiftKey in the app list, then ‘About SwiftKey’ from underneath ‘Information.’ If you are not on this version, please upgrade by visiting the Google Play Store and locating SwiftKey.

Please try the below steps once you have confirmed you are on the latest version of SwiftKey.


1. Open the SwiftKey app

2. Tap 'Account'

3. Log out of your SwiftKey Account

4. Sign back in

5. Select 'Backup & Sync' and press the refresh key to force a sync



1. Go to your Device 'Settings' and then 'App Manager' or 'Apps'

2. Scroll down to 'SwiftKey Keyboard' and select it from the list

3. Select 'Storage', then tap to clear cache and data

4. Open SwiftKey and re-adjust settings as necessary

Note: This will clear all data and saved language from the application. But as long as you're signed-in to your SwiftKey Account, you won't lose any previously-saved data.



If the above did not work, please try deleting SwiftKey and reinstalling from the Google Play Store. This often irons out any issues that might be impacting performance.

If you need further assistance/these steps did not work, please contact us by submitting a support ticket here (opens in a new window).

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