Other troubleshooting for SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone

Are you experiencing issues with your SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone?

First, please make sure you are running the latest version of SwiftKey (check in the App Store for updates).

Once you have confirmed you are on the latest version, try these steps:


1. Go to the SwiftKey App

2. Tap 'SwiftKey Cloud'

3. Tap 'Account'

4. Log out from this device

5. Log back in 


If the above did not work, please try deleting SwiftKey and reinstalling from the App Store. This often irons out any issues that might be impacting performance.

If you are worried about losing any language data, make sure you are signed into the Cloud and that you have Backup & Sync enabled.

For further assistance/if these steps did not work, please contact us [here].

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