Why does my battery drain very fast when using SwiftKey?

If you use certain battery saving or monitoring apps with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android to track your device's power usage, such as Battery Doctor or Greenify, you may have been reported a high percentage of power consumption.

Please be aware that these kind of reports only refer to percentage of the battery loss associated to each app in use.

In contrast, to find out what percentage of the battery's actual capacity every app is using, you should check your Android settings in Settings > Battery.

For example, if your battery is fully charged, there are only two apps running each one responsible for half of that battery loss, and your battery power drops to 98%, Battery Doctor will report both apps with a 50% consumption each, whilst the Android settings will report both apps with 1% each.

However, if you have noticed a power consumption of over 1% in your Android settings or, if you have noticed that your battery actually drains faster than usual, please get in touch with us through the Submit a request form, providing the following info:

  • Do you use a specific app to measure the battery usage?
  • Did you notice whether your battery drains faster than usual?
  • Did you notice whether SwiftKey is slower when consuming more battery?
  • Are you signed in to SwiftKey Cloud? If so, what's your Cloud ID?  (You can find your Cloud ID by going into SwiftKey settings > SwiftKey Cloud and then tapping on Account)
  • How many / What languages do you have enabled in SwiftKey?
  • Which SwiftKey settings have you modified?
  • Is your device usually connected to the internet? If so, is the connection usually reliable?
  • Could you recall whether your problems started after changing something on your device? If so, what was it?
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