Why is SwiftKey Tablet no longer available in the Google Play Store?

Thank you for your interest in SwiftKey! SwiftKey Tablet is no longer available in the Google Play Store on Android. We recommend all users who previously installed it to try SwiftKey Keyboard for Android instead - it replaces your keyboard across all apps and maintains the same high quality typing experience.  

This was a strategic decision by our team as we focus our resources on building the best possible experience with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android. If you migrate from the Tablet app to Keyboard it will be fully optimized to work on any compatible Android tablet and will receive the latest features and updates.

If you’ve already downloaded the SwiftKey Tablet app it will continue to work on your Android device. The only difference in it not being an “officially supported” app is that you will not receive new updates.

You can find collections of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about SwiftKey Keyboard for Android in this section of our help center.

Thank you for using SwiftKey Tablet and we hope you enjoy using SwiftKey Keyboard for Android.

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