How do I access/share my Tap Map with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?

The Tap Map, similar to our heatmap on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, shows how SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to adjust the keys on your keyboard ‘behind the scenes’ to better fit your typing style. For example, if you typically hit the right half of the F key when you’re aiming for G, the shape of G on your Tap Map will probably be larger and skewed to the left.

To share your tap map with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS, please follow the below steps. We also have a how to video available on this topic. 

  1. Locate SwiftKey in the list of apps on your iOS device and tap to open it
  2. Tap "My Profile" from the list of settings and then "Your typing & emoji insights"
  3. Tap "Tap Map" 
  4. Tap the "share" button and then choose from email/sms/social media to share the "Tap Map"


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