How do I access the SwiftKey Hub/settings in SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

The SwiftKey Hub menu is directly accessible from the keyboard. It houses all of the SwiftKey settings and options you use most often.

The SwiftKey Hub provides quick access to the following:

  • Layout and Resizing options
  • Incognito mode
  • Clipboard
  • Themes
  • More - this acts as a shortcut into the SwiftKey app itself

To open the SwiftKey Hub, just tap or slide on the ‘hamburger’ menu on the far left of the prediction bar.


You'll find three tabs within the Hub. We'll list them below, along with brief descriptions of the options found within.

Settings tab


Of the top three tiles, both 'Layout' and 'Resize' serve visual cues. Just select the option that best caters to your needs.


resize.png  layout.png  

With 'Float', you can drag your keyboard around the screen and place it where you choose.



Tapping the 'Keys' tile opens the main SwiftKey app and provides you with a plethora of different customisation options. 


Here you can switch on/off the number row, accented characters, the dedicated emoji key, arrow keys, number pad, plus control the long-press duration and key pop-ups.


Pressing 'Incognito' enables 'Incognito Mode' and prevents SwiftKey from learning any text you'd prefer not be added to your dictionary.

The final tile - 'More', contains toggles for a number of common settings. It also hides a handy shortcut that transports you into the SwiftKey app proper.

more-hub.png  more.png

Themes tab


The 'Themes' tab allows you to cycle through a selection of different designs available to apply to your keyboard. Tap on 'Enable more themes' to be taken your own themes collection.

Clipboard tab


SwiftKey's 'Clipboard' allows you to save chunks of text for later use.

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