How do I access and navigate the new Indian language layouts?

SwiftKey supports smart layouts for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali languages. 

How to access:

If you have newly installed SwiftKey or downloaded one of these languages, then you will automatically be using the new layout. However, if you were previously using any of these languages, you will need to manually switch to the new layout if you wish to use it.

To do this please:

  1. Open SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap 'Languages'
  3. Tap the box underneath your downloaded language
  4. Select the new layout 



How to navigate:

Please see the screenshots and video below.

[Note: SwiftKey's Tamil layout follows the Tamil 99 Convention.]

  • The top row of the keyboard is a vowel row, that displays correct Matra as you type the letters:


  • As you start typing, the very first key on the first row shows the relevant half letter:


  • You can access additional letters and difficult characters by pressing the 'Ksha Tra Gya' key:


  • And access a number pad by pressing the 123 key, and then the local number 123 key:


  • Quick punctuation can be inserted using the punctuation slider like this:


How-to video (English):

How-to video (Hindi):

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