Where do you get the data used in your emoji reports?

The insights used within our data reports (like this one) are based on an analysis of aggregate, anonymized SwiftKey Cloud data, an opt-in service offering backup and sync of SwiftKey’s learned language insights, among other benefits (learn more about Cloud here).

SwiftKey Cloud data is used to directly improve your word and emoji predictions. We also periodically analyze these language insights on a large scale to improve the background predictions in the app for everyone. This makes sure we always have the most relevant and accurate predictions possible. Another way of thinking of this is ‘crowdsourcing’ SwiftKey’s predictions.

As part of this analysis, we learn a lot about how people use language on mobile devices. While most of this learning is built into our apps; these reports are a way for us to share some of this learning beyond SwiftKey.

SwiftKey was founded on the premise that a keyboard that learns from your writing habits to predict your next word is the best and fastest way to type. Analyzing language data is core to how SwiftKey works - without this, we wouldn’t be SwiftKey.

Protecting our users’ personal data is core to our mission at SwiftKey. We abide by strict data security practices, and taking care of this data is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. 

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