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OK you’ve done all the hard work, and hopefully you feel pretty clued up on SwiftKey now. Why don’t you sit back, relax, and put your feet up while we take you through a few extra tips to help you get the most out of SwiftKey.

This third and final guide to ‘Getting even more out of SwiftKey’ will take you through the following:

  1. Your SwiftKey usage stats
  2. Other typing tips

1 - Your SwiftKey usage stats

Wrongly or rightly, it seems to be a universal truth that people like winning. And related to winning, most of us (to some degree) like to have a measure of our performance - whether that’s a grade, a score, or a medal. Well, you can’t technically ‘win’ in SwiftKey, but you can feel like you are (and surely that’s what counts?) by checking out your usage stats and also by sharing them on social media.

Your usage stats are a collection of insights that show you the effect SwiftKey has had on your typing. These include things like how far you’ve ‘flowed’, how many typos SwiftKey has corrected, and how much more efficient SwiftKey has made your typing.

You can also check out your personal typing ‘heatmap’, which is a visual representation of how accurately you type. For more information about the heatmap, please see this article.

You can view some of your usage stats by opening the SwiftKey Hub, and going to the profile pane. To see more, and to share, just tap the usage stats panel. 


2 - Other typing tips

Before we say goodbye and send you off on your SwiftKey journey, we want to leave you with a few final tips for the road. Some of these might have been briefly mentioned earlier, or you may have already discovered along the way, but just in case, we’ll quickly run through them for you:

  1. Quick punctuation key - for easy and quick access to common punctuation just press and slide your finger on the period key to the right of the spacebar. For more information, see this article.
  2. Quick delete - if you’ve enabled SwiftKey Flow (and therefore can’t use gestures), a quick way to delete words or larger pieces of text is to long press the backspace key.
  3. Quick switch caps/lower case - just tap the shift key to switch between caps/lower case letters. The shift key will change color/fill depending on the state (see this article for more detail).
  4. Auto capitalize - if you’d rather not have to think about caps, and would like SwiftKey to auto capitalize your sentences for you, you can enable this in SwiftKey Settings > Typing > Typing & Autocorrect. Learn more here.
  5. Quick period - if you’d like to have a period inserted automatically after a double space, then all you need to do is enable the setting in SwiftKey Settings > Typing > Typing & Autocorrect.
  6. Secondary keys - many additional symbols and characters can be accessed by long pressing the primary keys. For example, the apostrophe can be accessed by long pressing the ‘V’ key. It’s worth noting that even if you are using a Minimal theme, and therefore can’t see the secondary characters, you can still long press to access these (you just need a good memory!).
  7. Enter or emoji - enter and emoji currently share a key, but you have the option to choose which is primary (i.e. available with a single tap). To edit this just open the SwiftKey Hub > Keys. Learn more here.
  8. Emoji prediction - if you’re an avid emoji user, and would like to have emoji suggested on the prediction bar as you type (i.e. a 🍻 when you type ‘beer’ or ‘drink’), then just make sure this is enabled in SwiftKey Hub > Typing.
  9. URL mode - if you’re typing a URL mid-sentence, starting with ‘www’ or ‘http://’ will automatically put SwiftKey into URL mode meaning that no spaces will be added. Learn more in our Tips and Tricks blog post.
  10. Flow through space - remember that when you’re using Flow, there’s no need to lift your finger even between words - just flow down through the spacebar and SwiftKey will automatically insert a space.

You are now a fully fledged SwiftKey pro, ready to take on the world with your fast and flawless typing! Thank you for taking the time to work through our guides, we hope you’ve found them helpful. Seeing as you made it this far here's another themes promo code: 'LEVELUP2'. See here to learn how to claim your theme.

If you have any more questions or would like to read more about SwiftKey, you can do so in the following ways:

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