How to use Emoji with SwiftKey

We know that you love emoji, and that you can’t live without them, so we’ve made it our goal to ensure that you can find what you’re looking for in no time and with no sweat!

This guide to ‘Using Emoji with SwiftKey’ will take you through the following:

  1. Emoji panel
  2. Emoji prediction

1 - Emoji panel

The lovely team at SwiftKey have worked extremely hard to ensure that you have the best looking and most user friendly emoji panel around.

How to access the emoji panel

We offer you two different ways of accessing the emoji panel:

  1. By long pressing the ‘enter’ (return) key found in the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard. 
  2. With the dedicated emoji key in the bottom left.

enter-emoji-key.jpg emoji-key.jpg

Change your emoji preferences by following the below steps:

  1. Open the SwiftKey app from your device
  2. Tap 'Typing'
  3. Tap 'Keys'
  4. Check/uncheck ‘Dedicated emoji key’  

How to use the emoji panel

The emoji panel enables you to easily find and insert emoji into messages. The full-width panel allows you to see a large selection of emoji at a time, without being so crammed full that you can’t find the one you’re after (we’re not trying to test your observational skills here).

The panel gives you six scrollable pages of emoji, and additionally provides you with easy access to your ‘recently used emoji’ along the top - just swipe left or right to view all.

Once you’ve found the emoji you’re after, simply tap to insert into your text field - as many times as you’d like. Once you’re done, just tap the ‘abc’ key in the bottom left hand corner to go back to the standard keyboard.

2 - Emoji prediction

What is Emoji prediction?

As you probably know, at SwiftKey we like to predict things (mainly words). What you may not know is that SwiftKey also provides you with the option of having emoji suggested on the prediction bar - perfect for those times when you can’t think of the right emoji to use, or just for ease if you often use a particular emoji.

With emoji prediction enabled, SwiftKey will suggest emoji in the prediction bar for various words. It will also learn from your emoji usage so that if you always send a particular emoji after a particular word, SwiftKey will have that ready and waiting for you, like this:

How to enable/disable Emoji prediction

To enable or disable emoji prediction, please do the following:

  1. Open the SwiftKey Hub
  2. Tap ‘More’
  3. Tap 'Typing & Autocorrect'
  4. Check or uncheck ‘Emoji predictions’.

Thank you for taking the time to work through our emoji guide, we hope you’ve found it helpful. If you haven’t already done so, do make sure to check out our other user guides.


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