Typing Faster with the SwiftKey for Android Prediction Bar

SwiftKey Keyboard is all about prediction, and, most importantly, predicting the words that you are going to want to write next (next word prediction).

SwiftKey has a 'prediction bar' along the top of the keyboard that offers you three options to choose from. To enter these words into your text field, you can either tap the word on the prediction bar or press the spacebar to insert the middle prediction. 

Correcting Words

If you accidentally insert an incorrect word and realize right away, then there's a quick fix that saves a lot of time and hassle:

  1. Tap backspace so that the cursor is at the end of the incorrect word
  2. Check the prediction bar - there is a good chance SwiftKey will offer you your intended word in one of the predictions boxes (and if not, just tap backspace a few more times and watch the predictions change)
  3. Simply tap the correct prediction and it will replace your incorrect word in the text field

Even if you spot a typo earlier on in your text, it's very easy to correct in a similar way:

  1. Tap the word in your text field to select 
  2. Tap backspace until you see your desired word
  3. Tap the correct prediction and your typo will be replaced



Adding Words 

Teaching SwiftKey to speak the way you do is easy. If you have used the personalization options to get SwiftKey to learn from your sent SMS, emails, Facebook, etc. then your predictions should be pretty much up to speed already. However, SwiftKey also learns from you as you type, and you can always teach SwiftKey a new word.

If you have selected 'Autocorrect' and/or the 'Auto insert prediction' option within SwiftKey Settings > Typing & Autocorrect, then SwiftKey will automatically insert a prediction for you when you tap the spacebar. If you are trying to type a new word that SwiftKey hasn't learned before (and therefore won't predict), all you need to is tap the left hand or middle prediction (depending on text field) which will contain your verbatim text.


If you have chosen not to select 'Autocorrect' or 'Auto insert prediction' then pressing spacebar will insert a space for you instead of inserting a prediction. In that case, to enter your verbatim text you simply need to type the word and press space.


Removing Words

If you have mistyped something or SwiftKey has learned something you'd prefer to keep hidden, it's very simple to remove a word from being predicted on your prediction bar:

  1. Long press (tap and hold) the word on the prediction bar
  2. Tap 'OK' from the pop up



In SwiftKey, you can switch between caps and lower case characters simply by tapping the shift key. The shift key has three states which are easily identified by a change in design:

  1. First letter caps - half filled color
  2. Caps lock - filled color
  3. All lower case - no fill


Additionally, you can choose to have SwiftKey automatically capitalize the first letter after a period/exclamation mark/question mark by selecting 'Auto capitalize' in SwiftKey Settings > Typing & Autocorrect.

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