How do you ensure my privacy in Swiftmoji for Android?

Swiftmoji relies on its understanding of worldwide emoji trends to pick the emoji that best fit with what you’ve just typed. Whenever you use Swiftmoji you’re helping improve the quality of the emoji predictions for everyone by adding to its understanding of these trends. The way you have used an emoji, including the words, phrases or slang that surround it, are added to Swiftmoji’s emoji trends each time you pick an emoji. This is totally anonymized. 

No language data or words that you type will leave your device while using Swiftmoji unless you specifically sign-in to a Swiftmoji Account. By signing in and opting into services such as Backup & Sync, the words, phrases and emoji you’ve taught Swiftmoji will be stored safely if your phone is lost, stolen or replaced, as well as giving better predictions by learning from what you’ve written on other online services like Facebook, Twitter or Evernote, to name a few. 

To read more about how we protect your privacy in Swiftmoji, please see our Privacy Policy.  

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