How does Swiftmoji for Android work?

Swiftmoji uses worldwide emoji trends to offer relevant emoji predictions based on what you’ve just typed. We use these trends to understand which emoji people have used with similar words, phrases and even slang in the past. When you type something, Swiftmoji compares it to these trends to pick a handful of the emoji that fit best. As well as using emoji trends, Swiftmoji learns the unique way you use emoji over time to make its emoji predictions even better.  

Swiftmoji is only able to look up the words in the current text field, i.e. wherever your cursor is and not, for example, in a message you’ve already sent.  

To get your emoji predictions, try the following:

  1. Type something using Swiftmoji
  2. Watch Swiftmoji predict emoji on the emoji bar as you type 
  3. Tap to insert emoji into your text field

If the emoji you want isn't appearing on the emoji bar, simply tap the plus button to the right of the emoji bar to access more relevant emoji predictions and additional emoji categories.

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