Swiftmoji troubleshooting for existing SwiftKey users

Can I sync my SwiftKey Account in Swiftmoji? 

If you already have a SwiftKey Account, then you can sign into this same account in Swiftmoji and sync your learned language using the 'Backup & Sync' feature.  

Please note that any themes you have purchased or downloaded in SwiftKey will not sync across to Swiftmoji. 


Why aren't my SwiftKey themes showing up in Swiftmoji? 

It's not possible to transfer themes between SwiftKey and Swiftmoji, even when using the same account. This is because themes are completely different between the two apps, and additionally there are no paid themes in Swiftmoji. 


Why doesn't Swiftmoji support the language that I use with SwiftKey?  

Swiftmoji currently only supports English (UK and US).

To read more about why we decided to only support English to begin with, please see here.  


Why aren't my SwiftKey stats available in Swiftmoji? 

Swiftmoji does not currently include the Topics, Top Emoji, Signature Emoji and Vocabulary Size stats that are available in SwiftKey. This may be something we can introduce in the future. If you'd like to request this, please do so here.  


Why is Swiftmoji so different to SwiftKey Keyboard? 

In order to get Swiftmoji into people’s hands as quickly as possible, we made the decision not to support some of the features that can be found in SwiftKey Keyboard. We do not think that any of the things that have been removed affect the end goal of Swiftmoji; to give the best possible emoji experience.  

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