How does Incognito mode work with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android?

One of SwiftKey's most commonly sought after features is to learn – or not learn – when typing certain words or phrases. There are a variety of cases where you'd prefer that common or rare words don't appear in your candidate predictions. This may be the case while working on a specific short term project at work or school, when chatting in a game or forum app, and even when shopping online. Incognito mode addresses these scenarios.  

To switch on incognito mode when there is text that you'd prefer not be added to your SwiftKey dictionary, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open up a messaging or SMS app, and tap into the text entry field
  2. When the keyboard appears, tap the icon to the left of the three candidate word predictions (also called a 'hamburger icon', which looks like three lines)

  3. From this screen, tap the gear icon and then the button that says "incognito." Once selected you'll see the keyboard look and theme change to indicate that incognito mode has been turned on and learning has been turned off.


  4. To switch learning back on, tap the hamburger icon and then the gear icon on the following screen and uncheck "incognito." This will restore the last used keyboard theme and will return SwiftKey to regular use. 


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