Which languages support Transliteration and how does it work in SwiftKey for Android?

Which languages support Transliteration?
We currently support transliteration in the following languages:

- Bangla
- Hindi
- Gujarati
- Kannada
- Malayalam
- Marathi
- Odia
- Punjabi
- Tamil
- Telugu

What is transliteration and how do I use it?
In SwiftKey, the transliteration feature allows you to type phonetically using the Latin or QWERTY keyboard layout, and show script predictions that match the word being typed. You can make your selections by tapping on a word in the prediction bar.

For these languages, SwiftKey will automatically offer you two layout keyboard options:

QWERTY layout

And Native script layout


You can easily shift between these two layouts by either swiping left or right on the spacebar, or by tapping and holding the spacebar and selecting the layout you would like.

When you are in the QWERTY layout, you will see both Latin script predictions and native script predictions. When in the Native Script Layout, you will see only predictions in that script language.

You're not limited to just using one at a time either. If using the QWERTY layout, you will see transliteration predictions for scripts of your currently-enabled languages.

With transliteration, there is often a need to offer more predictions. While using these languages, SwiftKey offers an Extended Candidate Window. You can access this by tapping the arrow on the far right of the candidate bar. Simply tap the word you like in this window to enter it into the text field.

How do I get it?

  1. Go into SwiftKey settings (either by tapping SwiftKey in your app list, or accessing the SwiftKey Hub from within the keyboard)
  2. Tap 'Languages' and choose the desired languages to download from the list
  3. Your language will automatically be enabled

Should you want to change the layout, just tap on the language and select from the options available.

Screenshot_20170706-134245.png Screenshot_20170706-132853.png Screenshot_20170706-132942.png

More details and tips
SwiftKey will still learn words you type and add them to your dictionary (or language model), but currently will not learn new transliteration maps. This means that if you teach SwiftKey a new word in Hindi, it will not be able to match that automatically against a phonetic-based QWERTY script entry.

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