How to use Shortcuts with SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

The feature allows you to create a shortcut to any phrase you've saved on the Clipboard. So if you tire of typing out your address why not add it as a shortcut instead? It doesn't need to be limited to that, use it for any of your most commonly-used phrases to save even more time.

How to create a Shortcut

  1. Tap the 'hamburger' menu (represented by the three lines) found at the far left of the prediction bar
  2. Tap the Clipboard icon and press the 'Edit Clipboard' button. Any clips you've previously saved will appear here
  3. Tap onto a clip and enter some text into the shortcut field. For example: use something memorable like 'Home1' for your address details. Remember to tap 'Save' when done

Using a Shortcut

When you type a shortcut your clip content will appear on the prediction bar. Tap on it to insert it into the conversation.

How to edit or delete a Shortcut

  1. Tap into the clip containing the shortcut you wish to remove.
  2. Erase the text in the shortcut field (or replace it with something else). Tap 'Save'.

See here for more info about using the Clipboard


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